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California Lawyer: Real Estate Broker Misconduct

Did the real estate broker say “trust me” when asking you to sign documents? Did you find out later that you should have questioned that trust? Talk to a real estate lawyer who has experience holding real estate brokers accountable for misconduct.

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Residential and commercial real estate transactions have an extraordinary amount of detail involved. The bigger the real estate deal, the more details and money are involved. You probably trusted your broker, and the broker probably told you that you didn’t need to read every word or have a lawyer review the contract.

Were disclosures buried deep within a pile of documents?

“This is all standard stuff … just sign here … and here … and here.” In the broker’s urgency to get through a sales agreement or a closing, you may have been pressured into signing closing documents without reading every word. Or, if you questioned something, you may have been told that it meant something different than you had assumed. If that happened and if you ended up buying a property based on broker misconduct, talk to an experienced real estate attorney.

Did the real estate broker violate fiduciary duty?

Was the property misrepresented? Was your financial investment misrepresented? Did you get into a deal to later discover there were additional costs? Your real estate broker has an obligation to respect your financial limitations and disclose your potential obligations. If broker misconduct caused you to sign a real estate contract, talk to a lawyer about what actions you should take.

Broker misconduct can be difficult to litigate. Call the Michael P. Ring & Associates law firm. We like tough challenges.