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Representing Employees And Employers In Disputes Over Wages And Hours

For employers and employees, wage and hour disputes can take valuable time away from work, cause stress for all those involved and be difficult to resolve. We suggest that you consult with an employment law attorney experienced with wage and hour claims disputes.

Contact us about wage and hour disputes.

Everyone deserves to be paid fairly and on time. Employers and employees are usually in agreement about that. But they may disagree about specific situations. As employment law attorneys, we will help you sort through the issues and determine what actions you should take.

Is there a disagreement about uncompensated over-time?

A nonexempt employee (a nonmanagement employee) should be paid over-time for additional hours worked. Any required time at work (including startup and cleanup time) is included in the hours that should be compensated. There are times when an employee is classified as exempt, but most work hours are spent in a nonmanagement capacity. If you have a dispute about employment classification or unpaid overtime, our law firm is ready to help.

Are you in a dispute about late payment of wages?

Employers are required to pay wages in a timely fashion. When an employee is fired, that employee should be paid all wages due immediately. If an employee quits, the company has 72 hours after the employee leaves to hand over the last paycheck. If you are the employer or the employee, make sure you understand the law. Talk to a lawyer.

Our employment law attorneys know the law and have experience representing employees and employers in wage and hour claims disputes. Call the Michael P. Ring & Associates law firm.