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When A Probate Dispute Threatens To Tear Apart A California Family

A disagreement over the validity of a will or trust, or how the executor or trust administrator is doing their job, can grow from a dispute between relatives into a full-blown legal battle. The combination of money, legal proceedings and family dynamics can be explosive. If not handled properly, your relationship with some of your family members could become permanently strained – and the deceased’s final wishes might not be honored.

The experienced attorneys of Michael P. Ring & Associates represent heirs, beneficiaries, executors, trust administrators and other parties involved in probate and trust disputes. The firm regularly handles complex disputes in probate court and reaches reasonable, sustainable solutions, often avoiding the need for a trial.

Complex Will And Trust Disputes

With more than 40 years of combined legal experience, the lawyers of Michael P. Ring & Associates are prepared to help you with any type of dispute related to the validity of a will or trust such as:

  • Whether the testator was subject to undue influence or elder abuse
  • Whether the testator lacked the mental capacity to understand what they were signing
  • Whether the will or trust was the result of fraud
  • Possible mistaken intent
  • Potential technical errors in the document, such as improper witnessing
  • Whether the executor or trust administrator committed a breach of their fiduciary duty

These are sensitive matters and the parties involved can see the same set of facts very differently. The estate litigators at Michael P. Ring & Associates work to keep emotions out of the dispute as much as possible. They will examine the case and work closely with you to develop a strategy backed by the facts and the law. Then they will work toward a settlement that honors the testator’s final wishes as much as possible, one that the parties involved can all live with.

Find A Solution To Your Family’s Dispute

Confronting the issues behind a will or trust dispute head-on is the only way to resolve the conflict. For a consultation with one of Michael P. Ring & Associates‘ lawyers regarding your probate dispute, please call 805-564-2333 or contact us online. The firm’s office is in Santa Barbara and represents clients throughout California, including Ventura and San Luis Obispo counties.