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California Attorney: Breach of Real Estate Contract

If either party fails to meet the obligations outlined in a residential or commercial real estate transaction, what options are available? Talk to a lawyer experienced with breach of contract disputes. Call Michael P. Ring & Associates in Santa Barbara, California.

Contact us about breach of contract concerns.

When a real estate contract involves significant amounts of money — and most of them do — it pays to have an experienced real estate attorney review the contract before you sign.

What if the other party does not meet its obligations?

Many contracts have mandatory arbitration clauses. If you want to protest a breach of contract, you waive your right to a jury trial plus you have to pay an arbitrator. In a breach of contract action, whether you go to arbitration or file a lawsuit, you need an experienced real estate trial lawyer who will fight for your interests.

Was the property misrepresented?

A common reason for breach of contract in a real estate matter is the seller’s failure to disclose material facts. After the sale, the buyer may discover damage that was not disclosed or other issues that lower the value of the property. Our law firm has also handled breach of contract matters involving home or commercial construction contracts.

A breach of contract arbitration hearing or jury trial requires careful, thorough preparation by an experienced real estate lawyer. Call the Michael P. Ring & Associates law firm.