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Experienced Santa Barbara, California Real Estate Contracts and Litigation Attorneys

At Michael P. Ring & Associates , our home of Santa Barbara has some of the most expensive real estate in the world, averaging $1 million per transaction with over 2% appreciation per month. The high prices of real estate in the tri-county area of Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo make for a complex set of legal issues for real estate lawyers.

Strict regulations and government oversight in our area make development relatively rare. Even if a real estate contract is successfully negotiated for development of a business or to build a home, it is always an expensive proposition. It is obviously even more costly in situations where the property comes with an existing building or home.

Such large expenses raise the financial stakes. For example, even delays in a transaction can be costly. If escrow takes more than 30-60 days, and depreciation is around 6-8%, thousands of dollars can be lost. A good lawyer looking out for your interests quickly becomes vital.

Experience Counts in Real Estate Litigation

Of course, as experienced trial lawyers, we also represent clients embroiled in real estate lawsuits. In addition to construction defects with the property or its conditions, we have helped many clients deal with issues affecting their legal title based on financing problems or the identity of the property including such disputes as:

  • Refunding a down payment
  • Foreclosures and partitions
  • Boundary disputes
  • Mortgage discharges, loan closures and refinancing
  • Residential and commercial disputes

Our Transaction Work Helps Avoid Future Disputes

Of course, the best option is always to avoid real estate disputes through careful, proactive transaction work. We encourage our clients to let us help them as they prepare to enter these real estate contracts by providing advice on the terms and conditions necessary to protect their interests.

Our attorneys advise buyers, sellers, and builders of the potential implications of the terms proposed by the other party to their transaction. We can help with reviewing, drafting and negotiating fair and equitable terms in purchase agreements, mortgages and related documents.

Contact Us

For a free initial consultation about your real estate issue, contact the law firm of Michael P. Ring & Associates or call 805-564-2333. We help clients through California, with many real estate clients coming from the tri-county area of Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo.