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The High Costs Of Spinal Cord Injuries

A spinal cord injury profoundly affects every aspect of the victim’s life and every part of the body’s physiology. If a loved one suffered a spinal cord injury in an accident, talk to a personal injury attorney at Michael P. Ring & Associates in Santa Barbara, California.

Contact us about your spinal cord injury accident.

Paralysis from a spinal cord injury has complicated medical aspects that leave the victim vulnerable to future injuries in addition to living with quadriplegia or paraplegia. Our personal injury lawyers seek every available liability option to cover the present and future expenses of a spinal cord injury.

We investigate the accident to determine cause and liability.

Whatever type of accident caused the spinal cord injury — car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, construction accident, slip-and-fall accident — our law firm has the experience and resources to do a thorough investigation of the accident’s cause. Because medical and living expenses are so high for a spinal cord injury victim, we search for all available sources of financial compensation.

What was the victim’s life like before the accident?

We put together a picture of the victim’s life before the accident so that the insurance company or the jury can fully understand the scope of the victim’s losses. Our attorneys get to know the victim and the family so that we can know what you have lost and what challenges you face in the future.

Car AccidentTruck AccidentMotorcycle Accident
Premises Liability AccidentProduct Liability Accident

It takes an experienced, hardworking personal injury lawyer to investigate and litigate an accident that caused a spinal cord injury. Call the Michael P. Ring & Associates law firm.