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The Art Of Getting From ‘No’ To ‘Yes’
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How My Litigation Background Makes Me A Better Mediator

Of course you want your mediator to be well-versed in various strategies for resolving conflicts and finding a middle ground. But does your mediator understand the underlying issues and why you are at odds in the first place? Have they ever presented to a judge or jury or negotiated on behalf of a client?

Having been in the litigation world for over 40 years, with hundreds of trials, arbitrations, appeals, mediations and settlement conferences, I’ve been in your shoes. I know what it takes to get a matter to trial, through appeal and resolved. I am intimately aware of the costs, efforts, difficulties and time that it takes to get the process resolved and finalized.

Litigator Experience Dovetails With Mediation

My experience gives me a wealth of knowledge that I bring to the table of how things are done, what pitfalls to avoid, and how to get closure for clients. I offer this vast familiarity with the process to you as parties to mediation, to assist in getting past the mountains of interference and through to solutions.

One of the things I ask the parties to focus on is truly seeing the expense of litigation – the financial hit, the emotional cost and the amount of time and distraction. I show them that today you can control the outcome and avoid many of those monetary and collateral costs.

Deep Knowledge In Many Areas Of Litigation

The added value of my decades as a litigator is that I am intimately familiar with the terminology and the pain points in a broad range of disputes. My accumulated wisdom spans many industries and many areas of law, including business litigation, partnership disputes and corporate dissolution; employment and labor; trade secrets and intellectual property; personal injury; probate and trusts; construction and development; real estate and property disputes; securities law and more.

Let’s Do This

When you come to the mediation session, I am already familiar with your dispute. My mediation rates include my preparation. Thus I have “done my homework” to get up to speed on your situation and the salient facts so that we can dive right in.

I welcome inquiries and referrals from individuals, businesses and attorneys of Southern California. Call my office at 805-564-2333 to make arrangements or use the online form.